Security Evolution

The digital revolution moves forward unstoppably, and the current business ecosystem requires adjustment. At ElevenPaths, we believe that adjustment comes together with evolution and that security is the means to evolve.

Share a morning with us and learn from our experts and partners about our new technology integrations. United we are stronger.

We hope that you can join us on May 26, in the Auditorium Rafael del Pino, Madrid.

Agenda Security Day 2016

Event agenda

  • 09:30 - Guest list.
  • 10:00 - Global Security Keynote.
  • United we are stronger. Integration of security solutions to combat the complexity. We want to adjust ourselves to this change with you, and together create a more secure digital world. We take information security to enterprise business management.
  • Industrial cyber security to protect critical infrastructures with SandaS GRC. Enjoy yourself, it is our duty to offer you solutions for regulatory compliance in industrial environments and take care of your peace of mind.
  • 11:40 - Coffee-break.
  • Digital signature in your organisation: simple, innovative and user-friendly. How to control the use of digital signature safely? New solution for digital signature in mobile environments where the combination of biometric recognition of handwritten signature employs two-factor authorization to authorize the use of a digital certificate stored centrally.
  • Hack Your Future: Latch & Sinfonier Contests. We present to you the new plugins from our talent contest, that can integrate Latch on Twitter without hacks in between, an SDK for languages such as Go, and the integration of Latch with a layer of physical proximity for additional security. Also, Sinfonier for Smartcities.
  • Data Loss Detection: How to fight against Panama Papers. We will tell you how our technologies help to detect cyber threats like the notorious case of Data Loss Detection in Panama Papers.
  • 13:30 - Farewell & Cocktails