Chema Alonso

Chema Alonso

ElevenPaths - Chairman

Chema Alonso is a world-renowned security expert who regularly presents his experience and skills at the most prestigious conferences, such as BlackHat for instance.

He is currently CEO at ElevenPaths, a Telefónica subsidiary focused on innovation in security products through proprietary developments and alliances with the leading manufacturers and organizations in the industry.

He previously ran Informática 64, a computer security and training company, for 14 years. He holds a doctorate in Computer Security from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. He graduated as a Computer Engineer at URJC and holds a degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the Polytechnic University in Madrid, which also appointed him as Honorary Ambassador for the University’s Computer Science campus in 2012.

Pedro Pablo P�rez

Pedro Pablo Pérez

ElevenPaths - Chief Executive Officer

Pedro Pablo has a deep experience in security; during the 00’s he has been working both protecting the Telco and their Customers. Innovation has always been a top concern for him: “I believe that innovation is a must in the new cybersecurity wave to face and anticipate today’s threats”.

He has a passion for security technology that helps to have a world a little more secure which enables a new digital way of life aligned with people needs. He loves keeping close to customers to understand their needs and develop solutions that make their lives and businesses more secure.

Francisco Ginel

Francisco Ginel

ElevenPaths - VP of Strategic Alliances & VP of ElevenPaths Brasil

Francisco Ginel is Director of B2B Security Products & Services in the new Telefonica´s Global Services organization. He lead the Security Business Area for Corporate clients at Telefónica Spain during the period 2007-2010 , before that Francisco held different positions, always related . He joined the Telefónica Group in 2000 as General Manager of ACE, a niche security company belonging to Telefónica Data.

Francisco is a Philologist specialized in Italian Literature by Universidad Complutense in Madrid and holds a Master Degree in Marketing and Commercial Management from ESIC.

Rames Sarwat

Rames Sarwat

ElevenPaths - Business Development

Rames Sarwat is an expert in identity management and electronic signature. He is the author of the book called “DNIe: technology and applications”, and a vocal member of the sub-committees for the standardization of identification cards (SC17) and biometrics (SC37).

Before joining ElevenPaths he was CEO of SmartAccess, director of professional services subsidiary of Microsoft in Spain for Public Sector, Health and Education, and project manager at NCR where he participated in several projects related to smart cards and biometric recognition.